The quality

Crescer Alimentos has adopted the implementation and development of its Food Quality Management System (SGQSA) as a strategic decision and its strategic planning provides essential guidelines for the SGQSA. The Crescer Alimentos Food Quality and Safety Management System is based on the requirements of ISO 9001, BRC Foods, HACCP Plan and its s, and other guidelines deemed necessary to ensure a good performance in the processes.

          Through the HACCP / HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) Plan, a systematic approach aimed at ensuring that food is safe for consumers a health point of view, Crescer Alimentos implements and maintains, in conjunction with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), methods and controls throughout its production process, the purchase of raw materials, supplies and packaging, through strict intermediate controls in handling and packaging to the contracting of proper transportation that maintains all the precautions applied by the Company. Team Grow to the customer.

             Examples of controls are:

    ion, approval and evaluation of suppliers,
    Quality inspection on receipt of raw materials, inputs and packaging,
    Proper storage and packaging of raw materials, inputs, packaging and finished products,
    Sanitary barriers,
    Cleaning checklist at every production change,
    Properly calibrated and inspected equipment, such as scales - that ensures the correct amount of product,
    PCC's checklist (critical control points),
    Audits and systematic inspections aimed at GMP verification,
    Continuous training of employees.

              For effective alignment of Crescer Alimentos guidelines with all stakeholders, the Institutional Charter is defined below:


        Industrialize and market foods with high yield, quality and recognized safety, providing differentiation and innovation to the consumer, thus ensuring the satisfaction of customers, suppliers, employees and partners.


         To be recognized as a quality brand in the Food Service segment, being a reference as a manufacturer of safe, innovative, high-yield foods that value the consumer's taste.



          Safety and Quality Policy:

       Ensure the manufacture of food products in a safe and lawful manner according to the specified quality standards aiming at the satisfaction of its customers and compliance with current legislation.

          Good Manufacturing Practice Policy (GMP):

      Establish Good Manufacturing Practice standards and ensure compliance with them, thus ensuring the manufacture of safe, sustainable foods, while respecting the environment and the current legislation of the food industry.