Instagram will limit posts on diet and weight loss products

Even if you don't follow any influencers, you may have come across posts promoting dubious weight loss products, aesthetic procedures and the like on Instagram. Well, the social network now promises to limit the reach of these posts. In some cases, the post may even be d.

The explanation given by Instagram is that the measure aims to keep the social network as "a positive place for everyone" and reduce the pressure that users may feel when accessing certain posts.

What exactly is this restriction? Basically, Instagram will prevent users under the age of 18 viewing posts promoting products related to diet, weight loss, plastic surgery, aesthetic procedures and the like.

This post hiding begins on Wednesday (18) and will be valid even when the promoted product comes renowned manufacturers or stores. Being in a phase of body transformation, the young audience is highly influenced by these posts, which explains the focus on children under 18 years.

But it doesn't end there. If the post promises “miraculous” results on the subject matter and is accompanied by purchase incentives such as promotional links and discount coupons, Instagram may simply the post.

Activists fighting over the “perfect body” industry celebrate the decision. This is the case of British actress Jameela Jamil, who has already criticized famous personalities like Khloe Kardashian precisely for promoting dietary products or questionable effectiveness on social networks.

In a recent Instagram post on the subject, Jamil praised the move and finalized his message by saying “this is an extraordinary victory that will make a big difference; influencers need to be more responsible. ”

Although it was announced primarily for Instagram, the new policy will also apply to Facebook.