Asparagus, White Canned

Asparagus is a vegetable very appreciated, especially in the kitchen, in the English, French and German, focus on the use of the asparagus is white, as the americans are concerned, the asparagus is green. These are all the same plant, but the cultivation method is different, the asparagus is white, it is grown in the subsoil, it will not be exposed to the light, and for this reason it does not produce chlorophyll, the substance that makes it green.

The delicate flavor and very few calories, and is particularly rich in folic acid, as well as having diuretic properties. Use in the kitchen, it's easy, and it can be put in salads, pies, soups, creams, and other creative recipes for the dishes are hot.

Packing: Tin can | Net Weight: 800g Weight | Drained: 500 g | Box: 12x800g | Validity: 3 years ago.