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  • To assist in the Production


    • To assist in the process for the production of food, such as washing, peeling, cutting, forming, to give, to divide.
    • To assist in the packing and moving of finished products or in the industrialized world.
    • Transport of the finished products are already packed for shipping.
    • Organizing and storing the items in shelves
    • To make the stack of boxes blocadas.
    • Carry out any other tasks related to and/or requested by the person in charge of the sector



    • Elementary School
    • Having a means of transportation
    • Primarily for the residents of the Beautiful Port.


    A salary to match;

    The benefits: it's Food, It's Fuel, and the Pharmacy Agreement;

    After a period of experience in Dental insurance Plan;

    Hours of work: Monday to Friday. I start at 07:42 and 17:30 with 1 hour for lunch;

    Location of company is: the interior of St. Lucia Porto ? Belo;

    E-mail address to send resumes: rh@cresceralimentos.com.br


At Crescer Alimentos, we believe in capturing and continually developing our talents. We have a number of initiatives aimed at professionals who want to experience the corporate world and successfully follow their career path.

We value professionals who are open to learning and developing, building a promising career, as well as people who are looking for new ideas, are passionate, upright and have the courage to continually seek intelligent solutions.

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Porto Belo - SC

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Monday to Friday
08:00 to 17:00