Who We Are


Crescer Alimentos is a 100% Brazilian company, with approximately 2090 m2 of area, installed in the city of Porto Belo, coast of the state of Santa Catarina.

Currently Crescer Alimentos' product line is sold under the Serralunga brand, dedicated to a wide range of preserves: Olives, Mushrooms, Capers, Chiquinho Pepper, Chives, Dried Tomatoes, Chopped Palm and Minced Garlic, as well as continuous monitoring. and trends for portfolio and new releases.

Our story

Crescer Alimentos is a food business and is engaged in the production and marketing of canned food.

Recently, aligned with market needs, it has expanded its portfolio for syrup products; oils and olive oils and new product line presentations.

Using ed raw material, Crescer Alimentos has developed quality and safe products for the Brazilian consumer, reaching the table through retail partners, wholesalers and distributors, present in the main regions of the country.